Lightning Quick Trading Bot

Trade fast as lightning with BoltBot.

BoltBot Subscription Tiers

Lightning Fast Transactions
0.85% transaction fee

BoltBot interacts directly with Smart Contracts via the Blockchain. This means that all transactions are signed off at lightning speed, proving BoltBot to be one of the fastest Trading bots in its class.

BoltBot Sniper
0.85% transaction fee

BoltBot sniper allows users to be among the first buyers during a token launch. This function must be set up prior to a launch, on a 100% safe token. BoltBot is not responsible for anyone sniping a scam coin (Honeypot, Rugpull, etc.) and we highly encourage everyone to DYOR before any attempt.

MEV Protection
0.85% transaction fee

BoltBot uses encrypted nodes to securely sign Transactions on the Blockchain. Alongside the obvious benefits, this will protect Users from MEV Attacks and Sandwich Bots.

Auto-Buy Triggers
0.85% transaction fee

Using the same mechanism as the Auto-Sell, Users can place different Buy-Orders to buy their Token of choice, at the price a User wants. Once the Token reaches the price a User has fixed, BoltBot will trigger the order and send the User a confirmation message.

Auto-Sell Strategies
0.85% transaction fee

BoltBot allows users the ability to select their preferred Exit Point, for peace of mind. Once a Users Investment has reached the multiplier selected, BoltBot will Auto-sell all Tokens.

All the features of Tier 3, plus:
0.5% transaction fee

Multi-Wallet Aper

Our Multi-Wallet Aper allows users the ability to invest into their Token of Choice through Multiple Wallets simultaneously. Simple call the function, and BoltBot will invest the moment Trading is enabled and Liquidity is added.

Tier 2 also comes with the additional implementation of features designed to assess a Tokens Security and Investment desirability.

BoltBot will compile Data from Wallets holding specific Contract Addresses, accessing their Wallet Size in ETH/USD and allocating them into different groupings, otherwise known as the BoltBot Investor Index.

Investors will be grouped into the following:

  • < 200 USD - Shrimp 🦐
  • < 2000 USD - Dolphin 🐬
  • < 20000 USD - Whale πŸ‹
  • > 20000 USD - Humpback 🐳
Lightning Fast

BoltBot Users accessing our Tier 2 BoltBot will also benefit from the following Metrics:


Monitoring the sustainability of a project based on the type of investors allocating capital to the token. This will displayed

Whale Watching

Capital flows into tokens through the tracking of whale wallets. BoltBot allows investors the ability to track these whales and monitor the level of high capital investors within a certain coin.

All the features of Tiers 2&3, plus:

Tier 1 users enjoy 100% free access to BoltBot(0% transaction fees), regardless of the specific function used. Tier 1 BoltBot features available to investors holding 0.5% of $BOLT

Revenue Sharing

Tier 1 Access will allow users to benefit from our Revenue Sharing Scheme. All Profits made from transactional Fees on BoltBot will be fairly allocated to all Users, dependant on Holding Size.

Unlimited Wallet Sniping

Tier 1 access allows unlimited Multi Wallet Sniping.

Automated Trading based on AI

Top Gainers based on StringKeys scraped from Dextools BoltBot will give users a User Friendly view of their historical best/worst performers. The AI will allocate a Users Top Performers to specific Trends, and notify this user once a similar trend is Emerging/Emerged.

Profit Forecasting

BoltBot will secure positions when it deems a Token ’Topped’. This data will be accessed by comparing Buy vs Sell Pressure.

Saturation Indicator

BoltBot will use KeyString Data to access how many times a Word associated to a Trend has been deployed, giving our AI an understanding of how Saturated a particular Trend may be. This will be delivered as a Metric to assist manual Investment.

Token Volume vs Market Volume Indicator

BoltBot will understand where a specific Token is ranking amongst all other Tokens allocated to its Trend Category. This allows our AI the ability to access whether a user can expect an influx of Volume, or a decrease in Buy Pressure, resulting in a Sell-off. This will allow users the ability to understand whether their token is over or underperforming vs the Market

Public Presale Sniper
(Multi-Wallet compatible) - ERC tokens only

The highest tier of BoltBot empowers you to establish a presale sniper instance on the Ethereum blockchain's most prominent launchpads (Pinksale, Unicrypt, etc.). Users can customize their own buy options (amount to be spent, gas limit, number of wallets, etc.) before every presale. Never miss out on highly anticipated presales ever again!

Deadblocks & Delayed Honeypot Detector - Safe Bolt

Exclusive to Tier 1 holders, Safe Bolt is a feature meticulously crafted to safeguard snipers from potential loss of funds and empowering Bolt Bot with the following capabilities:

  • Detection of delayed honeypots and cancellation of corresponding transactions.
  • Identification of potential deadblocks and automatic adjustment for a delayed sniping, if necessary.


The road ahead for BoltBot.
Lightning Fast

Stage 1

  • Whitepaper Release
  • Website V1 Release
  • $BOLT Token Launch on Uniswap
  • BoltBot Tier 3 Live - Incremental release of the following functions:
    • Lightning Fast Transactions (buy/sell)
    • BoltBot Sniper
    • Multi-Wallet Aper
    • Auto-Sell Strategies
    • Buy-Orders Placement
  • Tutorial Videos Release on Youtube
  • Influencers Onboarding
  • Twitter / Telegram / Youtube / TikTok Contests
Lightning Fast

Stage 2

  • BoltBot Tiers 1-2 gradual rollout
  • Coinmarketcap/CoinGeko Listing (possibly sooner)
  • First Ever Trade Contest
  • Revenue Sharing Live
  • Partnerships with Verified Actors of the Crypto Space
  • Copy Trading Available to Tier 1 Holders
  • BoltBot AI Features Preview - Beta Testing by Top Holders
Lightning Fast

Stage 3

  • AI features Implementation
  • Monetization of BoltBot Ad Displays
  • BoltBot Code Audit
  • Availability of the Bot on multiple blockchains
  • Twitter AMAs on a regular basis
  • KYC Verification of $BOLT Team Members
  • Roadmap 2024/25 Release


Lightning Fast
Max Supply
Lightning Fast
Buy/Sell Taxes
Lightning Fast
Max Bag


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